Cl.Hyp, CPPD, ARTT, GHR (Reg)

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Tracy Stone is an accredited and practising clinical hypnotherapist based in the Berkshire area. She works with individuals with issues ranging from addictions, anxieties, phobias and other debilitating issues.

The recipient of numerous global corporate efficiency expert awards, Tracy has spent years travelling from Cairo to New York to Sydney, helping senior management teams maximize their strengths and eliminate waste.

Her engaging workshops have empowered thousands of participants worldwide benefiting each individual's development, while delivering measurable and sustainable business impact.

Tracy puts her much sought after finely-tuned abilities to helping companies and individuals remove obstacles to their careers and personal lives. Passionate about your success, Tracy treats you as an individual and guides you onto the rapid path to empowerment and success.

“...Tracy helped me acquire an incredible level of confidence at work in a single awesome session”