In 90 mins, Tracy took me from being confused and lost about my purpose in life, to uncovering my strengths and identifying my role in the world. A combination of the Healing Vortex and hypnotherapy, left me feeling energised, refreshed and focused. Without Tracy’s help I wouldn’t have found the courage or confidence to change my career, and start my own business.
— A.R., London

I suffered from chronic insomnia after divorce where I was in a vicious circle that I slept 1-2 hours per night. This impacted my work greatly which made me more tense. Tracy’s hypnotherapy helped recalibrate my brain to think positively about sleep. A highly customised recording listened to for 20 minutes per night helped dispel the uncertainty of divorce and introduce the certainty of sleep. A month later I sleep a solid 8 hours per day.
— Ronan, London

I first booked an appointment with Tracy because I knew I had some weight to lose and hadn’t had any luck with the copious amount of diets I had tried ever since I was in secondary school. Just minutes into our session, it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t my weight that was the problem, but my relationship with food. I had never realised how emotionally attached I was to my eating habits. Tracy guided me back to 3 separate moments of my childhood – memories that I hadn’t given a second of a thought to in years. I was not just remembering what was happening, but remembering exactly how I was feeling at the time. I then started to be able to understand why I felt that way and how it directly related to my unhealthy relationship with food. It suddenly became clear that things I had never considered being linked to my eating habits (such as being an only child) were having a huge impact on what I was eating and when I was eating it. I’ve lost weight since our session which is fantastic, but what I’m most grateful to Tracy is for helping me gain complete control over what I eat and showing me how to disconnect the damaging emotional ties to food I had developed throughout my childhood.
— Ciara, London

Amazing insight, in 90 minutes I was transported to the reasons why I felt the way I did. It all makes sense all of a sudden. I was aware what was happening every second.
— Simon, Berkshire

Some time ago I realised that I need to change the way I operate. Why did I think that? I wanted to enjoy my life and lead a stress free life. I thought long and hard about it and I figured out that there are three areas that I need to improve :

1. Daily Exercise
2. Attend to all the administrative paper work at home immediately
3. Practice golf at least twice a week

This is when I met Tracy. She was introduced to me by my colleague. I really liked Tracy the way she spoke to me - Calm and authentic. She then introduced me to the concept of RTT and arranged to meet to have our session.

Fast forward two months - life couldn’t have been any better. It seems so simple yet Tracy had to interrvene to make it happen!

Recommend her to all
— B, London

Cannot recommend enough - Unexplained infertility and skin problems led me to try Tracy’s rapid transformation. A friendly conversation helped me understand the basics of the process where I was to be fully conscious and aware of my surroundings. During the two hour session Tracy quickly helped me see that my beliefs around what it meant to be a mother were no longer serving me, and in fact were leading to a stress related mental block, and breakouts on my skin. Unexpectedly the hypnotherapy was very personal and extremely emotional however, Tracy made me feel at ease and guided me through this journey into myself. I came out the session enlightened, knowing myself better and feeling empowered. In just 2 hours I went from “pregnancy scares me and I don’t know why” to “I can’t wait to be pregnant and be an amazing mum”. Tracy helped me form new positive and realistic beliefs, and her soothing voice helped embed these over the following days in the form of a recording for me to listen to. Without Tracy I wouldn’t have changed my false and limiting perception of maternity. After a month, my skin has cleared and whilst I’m not pregnant yet I feel more confident, uplifted and optimistic about the possibility of being a mum.
— C, London

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