A leader’s thinking must be equal or superior to the complexity of the environment

— Centre for Creative Leadership


Having spent nearly 30 years in some of the largest Fortune 500 businesses with global management and leadership roles in Learning & Development, Training, Coaching and Business Re-engineering, I am uniquely qualified as a Coach and Master Trainer in many areas which ultimately provide a tailored developmental coaching experience for my clients.

In fact, I have had amazing success in helping clients all over the world to overcome obstacles to success, achieve their next level role and enjoy measurable success and fulfilment!

Corporate consultancy services include:

  • Leadership & Development Coaching

  • Corporate Focused Group Coaching

  • Corporate Wellness - Group & Individual

Leadership & Development Coaching

In a first, complimentary consultation we discuss and understand your challenges and goals in order to identify the most appropriate coaching approach and package to suit your individual needs.

With an unsurpassed coaching toolkit I work with my clients to achieve life-changing transformations.

What would you love to change?

What would make your life incredible?

What’s stopping you from achieving your greatest goals?

One call with me and you will be on your way to success!

Corporate Focused Group Coaching

  • Unshakeable Confidence

  • Habits of Success

  • Confident Public Speaking

  • Credible Leadership

  • Managing Conflict

  • Powerful Personal Branding

  • Employee Engagement

  • Wealth Wiring

  • Perfect Memory

  • Perfect Concentration

  • Effective Communication

  • Lead to Win Hearts and Minds

  • Skillful Networking

  • Multi-Tasking

  • Prioritising

  • Time Management


Corporate Wellness

for the Individual

1.      Unshakable Confidence

2.      Self Esteem

3.      Free of Smoking

4.      Free of Alcohol Abuse

5.      Free of Gambling

6.      Hypnotic Gastric Banding

7.      Ideal Weight

8.      Wealth Wiring 

9.      Fears & Phobia      

10.    Cell Command Therapy

11.    Motivation

12.    Interview Skills

13.    Perfect Relaxation

14.    Conception

15.    Lovability

16.    Perfect Memory 

17.    Perfect Concentration

18.    Lasting Relationship

19.    Deep Uninterrupted Sleep

20.    Confident Public Speaking 

21.    Free from Depression 

22.    Free from Anxiety

23.    Passing Exams 

24.    Improving Eyesight

25.    Driving Test 

for Groups

1.       Unshakable Confidence

2.       Self Esteem

3.       Free of Smoking

4.       Ideal Weight

5.       Wealth Wiring 

6.       Motivation

7.       Interview Skills

8.       Perfect Relaxation

9.       Perfect Memory 

10.     Perfect Concentration

11.     Confident Public Speaking 

12.     Passing Exams